Our manufacturing process


Starting from the collection of all the plants in our habitat, we then extract the active principles we need to make the final products.

Finally, we add the essential oils to provide the aroma and the active principles which will complete the formulas of our products.

Quality control

All our products are tested and monitored in every phase of the production. We work with the most reliable analytical laboratories to get our sanitary certificates and the licenses which allow us to ensure that our production is completely safe.

Each raw material and end product undergoes several reviews of microbiological contamination and challenge test, developed with a lot of rigor in order to verify that each batch is ready to be sold to the consumer in a secure manner.

All our products are developed in our laboratory following all the standard guidelines and endorsed by the state regulations as well as the quality controls and short and long term- stability, of both the facilities and the end products, in order to be sold safely to the consumer.

Load-based maceration in the oily phase

Infusions, decoctions and tisanes in the aqueous phase

Tinctures in the alcoholic phase

Have you not tried our products yet?

You will be surprised by how effective our products are.

Our firm is dedicated to creating all kinds of products for your health, personal care and beauty. All of them are 100% eco-friendly and are handcrafted. We develop natural and organic cosmetics by using the ancient methods based on multiple load maceration, decoctions, hydrolats, tinctures and plant extracts. We make products with a high concentration of active principles and this shows in the final result.

Advantages of using natural products

Paraben free

In 2011 propylparaben, butylparaben, their isomers and salts were forbidden in cosmetics to be used for children under three years of age due to their endocrinal activity. We never use them in any of our products.

Sulfate free

We never use synthetic chemical products, pesticides, fertilizers, etc… We protect the soil and respect the environment where the cosmetics are produced, avoiding pollution. All our vegetable oils are obtained through the latest cold extraction techniques, so they preserve all their properties.

Petroleum products free

All our products are free of paraben, silicon or synthetic fragrances. They are also free of petroleum derivatives or other ingredients toxic for our health.

Refined products free

Some of the most significant consequences of using many processed and refined products daily are premature cell aging, bone weakening and a high degree of damage to vital organs such as the liver or the kidneys.





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